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Nebula One


Ultra-Dry Mist Nebulizer



What is it
The Nebula One Dry-Mist Nebulizer uses a Patent Pending technology to effectively dispense an EPA registered Ultra Dry, Suspended particle, an HOCL disinfectant.
Superior Process
This superior approach allows the natural disinfectant to remain suspended for extended periods,  effectively disinfecting not only hard surfaces, but more importantly, the contained volume of air in any given space.
Screen Shot 2022-02-26 at 3.24.01 PM.png
Thorough and effective disinfecting has become a high priority in essentially all aspects of day-to-day operations in both public and private life.
How it works
When used with a recommended Hypochlorous solution, the Nebula One offers an unrivaled disinfecting process. With a patent Pending technology, the Nebula One atomizes HOCL to a 2-3 micron size and then effectively dispenses it into the air. This nearly invisible dry mist will remain suspended for hours effectively neutralizing airborne pathogens.
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